20+ Unusual Shaped Fruit and Vegetables

These unusual shaped fruits and vegetables are simply a treat. They remind me of how important it is to take a look at things that are right in front of you, there can often be something else visible that could spark or inspire a totally new creation.

The invention of the fruit and vegetable moulds is an example of innovation at its best. Fruits and vegetable are grown within the constraints of different moulds to create eery looking shapes. The nutritional content is the same, they taste the same, but they sure don't look the same.

Get your creative juices flowing. Is there something that you are busy with that simply needs a new shape?

Unusual Shaped Fruit and Vegetable Images

1. The turnip that grew into the shape of a foot.

Source: Bored Panda

2. The paddling carrot sitting in a bowl of soup.

Source: Bored Panda

3. Cuddling carrots resembling a mom and child.

Source: Bored Panda

4. A bear shaped potato even dotted with eyes in just the right places.

Source: Bored Panda

5. Buddha moulded pears that continually amaze.

Source: Rogue Housewife

6. The incredible Pumkinstein heads that made there debut in my first book 'Ideas Like Shoes'.

Source: As It Happens

7. Tired of the regular shaped watermelon? Try one of these cubes, far easier to stack.

Source: Brandmill

8. Homer making his debut appearance as a humble sweet potato.

Source: Mail Online

9. A sweet potato resembling a fetus.

Source: Weird Pictures

10. These turnips have grown together to resemble a set of Siamese twins.

Source: Weird Pictures

11. An eery face hidden in the side of this turnip. Keep your eyes peeled inspiration can hit you at any moment even when you are peeling vegetables.

Source: Weird Pictures

12. Star and heart-shaped moulds resulted in these unusual shaped cucumbers.

Source: Fruitmould

13. These football shapes gourds will definately make an impression.

Source: Fruit Mould

14. Square shaped apples - this is a first.

Source: Fruit Mould

15. Love this heart shaped watermelon - a perfect Valentine's Day gift for the more health conscious.

Source: Fruit Mould

16. A sweet melon moulded old man.

Source: Fruit Mould

17. Heart shaped apples.

Source: Fruit Mould

18. This is innovative marketing at its finest. An imprinted Apple logo.

Source: Fruit Mould

19. These rare finds will generate a smile.

Source: Funny Pictures

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