The Success Principles of Jack Canfield

The Success Principles......outlined below have been summarised from Jack canfield's best selling book "How to get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be." As Jack highlights in the book, the principles work, but to see them work you have to work the principles. I would recommend purchasing a copy of the book and working through the principles in more detail.Chew on them and commit them to memory and then apply them with discipline to your life. You will reap the benefits.

The 25 Success Principles

1.     Take 100% responsibility for your life.

2.     Be Clear Why You’re Here

3.     Decide What You Want

4.     Believe It’s Possible

5.     Believe in Yourself

6.     Become an Inverse Paranoid

7.     Unleash the Power of Goal-setting

8.     Chunk it Down

9.     Success Leaves Clues

10.   Release the Brakes

11.   See What You Want, get What You See

12.   Act As If

13.   Take Action

14.   Experience Your Fear and Take Action Anyway

15.   Ask!Ask!Ask!

16.   Reject Rejection

17.   Use Feedback to Your Advantage

18.   Commit to Constant and Never-Ending Improvement

19.   Practice Persistence

20.   Practice the Rule of 5

21.   Surround Yourself with Successful People

22.   Clean Up Your Messes and Your Incompletes

23.   Develop 4 new Success Habits a Year

24.   Stay Focused on Your Core Genius

25.   Start Now!....Just Do It!

I read the book and chewed through each chapter carefully. The book is full of wisdom and there is much to be learnt from each chapter. I like working from a list and ticking off each item as I have successfully completed it. The action list below will help you implement the success principles in a practical way.

  1. Write Your Purpose Statement.
  2. Set aside time for daily reflection and read your purpose statement.
  3. Define your vision in the 7 key areas: Work, Finances, Family, Health, Social Responsibility, Rest and Personal Development.
  4. Set specific goals and write them out in detail.
  5. Review your goals 3x/day.
  6. Create a goals book.
  7. Use mind-mapping techniques.
  8. Create a daily to do list and prioritise the most important items.
  9. Seek out a teacher, coach, mentor, book, audio program or someone who has already achieved your goals and shadow themfor a day.
  10. Develop a millionaire mindset
  11. Create affirmations
  12. Review affirmation 1-3 times per day
  13. Use visualisation daily
  14. Do 5 specific things every day
  15. Tackle 4 new habits each year
  16. Take action every day
  17. Read two books a week

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