100 Questions That Make You Think

Be inspired by the comprehensive list of questions that make you think. Einstein once said: " If only I had the right question...". The formulation of the right question is probably more important than the actual solution. Finding the right question that makes you think takes imagination. Prompted by the right question an endless flow of ideas can follow.

100 Questions that make you think, stimulate your creativity and develop your thinking skills.

100 Questions That Make You Think

Start any challenge with a list of 50 questions that make you think. Keep expanding the list and thinking up more and more as you go along. The ideas will come. Use the basic list of 100 questions that make you think below to help get you started.

1.       What questions did you ask today?

2.       What questions did other people ask today?

3.       What questions didn’t you have time to ask today?

4.       What problems are you experiencing at the moment?

5.       What don’t you like about something?

6.       What will I decide to be curious about tomorrow           morning?

7.       What are we really trying to do here?

8.       What can we do to improve things?

9.       What happens at the moment and why is it failing?

10.   Where is the real problem?

11.   What’s most important?

12.   What is the real pain point?

13.   What are we trying to achieve?

14.   What caused you to start thinking up a solution to a problem?

15.   Why?

16.   Why not?

17.   What-if?

18.   What is?

19.   What might be?

20.   What are the questions that have not yet been asked?

21.   Who is involved?

22.   Where does it happen?

23.   How does it work?

24.   What caused this to happen?

25.   How might I change things?

26.   What questions can yield unexpected insights?

27.   What questions can challenge the status quo?

28.   What questions generate strong emotional responses?

29.   What questions guide you best into disruptive territory?

30.   What new features can be introduced?

31.   What new benefits can be offered?

32.   What totally unrelated item can offer some inspiration?

33.   How can a totally random and unrelated object provide inspiration?

34.   Is it similar to something else?

35.   Who can offer you some inspiration or new ideas?

36.   What clubs or societies can you join?

37.   Who can offer inspiration?

38.   Where can you find ideas?

39.   What new book can you read?

40.   What things can be combined?

41.   How can you simply things?

42.   Can anything be added?

43.   Can it be packaged together with something else?

44.   Have you looked at it more closely?

45.   Can you mix and match ideas?

46.   What if we combined this with that?

47.   Have I brainstormed new ideas?

48.   What must I learn?

49.   What did I observe today?

50.   What must I observe tomorrow?

51.   What new activity can I do to relax more?

52.   What book club or executive reading program can I join?

53.   How can I start an executive reading program?

54.   Why read?

55.   Why must I write?

56.   How many pages did I write today?

57.   How many pages did I read today?

58.   Who can I visit today?

59.   Where can I write?

60.   What can I write about today?

61.   Can I take it apart?

62.   What if I change the shape?

63.   What if I change the colour?

64.   What if I change the texture?

65.   What if I change the pattern?

66.   What if I change the pack size?

67.   What if I change the price?

68.   What if I discard the product altogether?

69.   Who would buy it?

70.   Why will they buy it?

71.   Why do they want it?

72.   How can I improve it?

73.   Where can I sell it?

74.   How can I change it?

75.   What else can it be used for?

76.   Who makes it?

77.   Who else can make it?

78.   Who else can sell it?

79.   Why do people like it?

80.   How can I make it faster?

81.   How can I make it cheaper?

82.   How can I make it more popular?

83.   Can I give it away free?

84.   Must I change the name?

85.   Must I keep it simple?

86.   Must we change with the times?

87.   Can it be automated?

88.   What if I add some smell?

89.   What if we changed the taste?

90.   What if we changed the feel?

91.   Can I add some music or sound effects to jazz things up?

92.   Must we group it together?

93.   How can we simplify things?

94.   What if there were more choices?

95.   What if there were less choices?

96.   What workshop can I sign-up for?

97.   What if I learned to draw?

98.   What can I paint?

99.   Can I add a picture     

100.What are other people doing?

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"A drop of ink may make a million think." -Lord Byron

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