Poem About Creativity

Enjoy our latest poem about creativity written with the purpose of reminding you to think.

Poem About Creativity

Good ideas will take you places.

Sometimes I just like to think,

And capture my ideas in ink.

When the pen begins to flow,

I leave my thoughts and let them go.

It’s when the mind starts to run free,

That we really do begin to see.

Our eyes are somehow opened wide,

And we are given a peek inside.

We see the place where ideas grow,

The one’s with passion we must sow.

Big ideas can give us power,

They bloom and grow just like a flower.

Tricky problems simply pop,

As great ideas take you to the top.

Don’t keep them locked up in dark spaces,

Good ideas will take you places.

-Debra Lynne Langley

Your work is to keep cranking the flywheel that turns the gears that spin the belt in the engine of belief that keeps you and your desk in midair.        - Annie Dillard

More POems

Do you think?

Green, yellow, blue and red,

Do you think when you’re in bed?

Do you think in the bath?

Good ideas will light your path.

Do you think in the shower?

Great ideas will give you power.

Do you think on things you’ve read?

Books will definitely fill your head.

Do you think while eating food?

Or only when you’re in the mood?

Do you think when at the table?

Don’t forget that you are able.

Do you think when you’re at school?

If you don’t then you’re a fool.

-Debra Lynne Langley

Are you smart?

Are you smart?

Are you able?

To think up things

At the table.

 Use a pen,

Or pick a brush.

Think it through,

And do not rush.

 Close your eyes,

Start to dream.

As the ideas come,

Your eyes will gleam.

 It’s not as hard,

As first may seem.

The secret is,

To find your team.

 Together you will,

Start to think.

Mingled minds,

Will find the link.

-Debra Lynne Langley

It might just inspire you.

It was at first completely dark,

Until a random thought did spark.

It turned the night right into day,

And flicked a switch in one big way.

As you go about your daily thing,

Listen to the people sing.

Look at what they have to do,

It might just inspire you.

-Debra Lynne Langley

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"A drop of ink may make a million think." -Lord Byron

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