Mythical Creatures List For Creativity

A summarised mythical creatures list pulling you into the world of imagination. As Roald Dahl so aptly says, "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." Let the mythical creatures list inspire you and seed new ideas.

Sometimes we ask for adventures and life hands us a fairy tale.


Mythical Creatures List To Stimulate Creativity

  • Acephali are humans without heads, their mouths and eyes are in their breasts.
  • Amazons, a nation of all-female warriors
  • Arimaspi, a tribe of one-eyed men.
  • Caucasian Eagle, a giant eagle
  • Centaur (male) or Centauride (female), a head and torso of a human with the legs and behind of a horse.
  • Cerberus, the three-headed, giant hound.
  • Charybdis, a sea monster whose inhalations formed a deadly whirlpool or a huge water mouth.
  • Chimera, a three-headed monster with one head of lion, one of a snake, and another of a goat, lion claws in front and goat legs behind, and a long snake tail.
  • Cyclopes , one-eyed giant.
  • Echidna, a giant monstrous women with upper body of a beautiful nymph, while the lower is a giant serpent.
  • Empousai, seductive female vampire demons with a leg of bronze and a donkey's foot.
  • Furies, the three goddesses of pain.
  • Gorgon, monstrous women depicted as having snakes on the head instead of hair.
  • Gorgon Euryale, whose scream could kill.
  • Gorgon: Medusa, whose gaze could turn anyone to stone.
  • Graeae, three old women with one tooth and one eye among them.
  • Griffin or gryphon, a creature that combines the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.
  • Harpies, creature with torso, head and arms of women, talons, tail and wings (mixed with the arms) of bird.
  • Hippalectryon, a creature with the fore-parts of a rooster and the body of a horse
  • Hippocampi, sea creatures with the fore-parts of horses and the tails of fish and fins instead of hooves.
  • Hippogriff, head, wings and front body of eagle, and back of horse.
  • Hydra, a many-headed, serpent-like creature.
  • Ichthyocentaurs, a pair of marine centaurs with the upper bodies of men, the lower fronts of horses, and the tails of fish
  • Ipotane, a race of half-horse, half-humans
  • Karkinos, a giant crab.
  • Keledones, singing maidens sculpted out of gold.
  • Khalkotauroi, fire-breathing bulls.
  • Kobalos/Kobaloi, a species of mischievous creatures, fond of tricking or frightening humans
  • Lamia, a vampiric demon which preyed on children
  • Lycanthrope, or Werewolf.
  • Manticore, a monster with the head of a man, the body of a lion, and a tail that can shoot spikes.
  • Merpeople, human with fish tail after torso (Mermaid as female, Merman as male), they lure adventurers to drown them.
  • Minotaur, a monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man.
  • Monopodes or Skiapodes, a tribe of one-legged Libyan men .
  • Mormo, a vampiric creature who bit bad children
  • Ophiotaurus, a creature part bull and part serpent.
  • Orthrus, a two-headed dog.
  • Panes, a tribe of nature-spirits which had the heads and torsos of men, the legs and tails of goats, goatish faces and goat-horns
  • Panotii, a tribe of northern men with gigantic, body-length ears.
  • Pegasus :Winged Horse or Pterippi, winged pure white horses.
  • Phoenix, a golden-red fire bird .
  • Pygmies, a tribe of one and a half foot tall African men.
  • Satyrs and Satyresses, human upper bodies, and the horns and hindquarters of a goat
  • Sirens, three bird like women whose irresistible song lured sailors to their deaths
  • Sphinx has the haunches of a lion, the wings of a great bird, and the face of a woman
  • Stymphalian Birds, man-eating birds with beaks of bronze and sharp metallic feathers they could launch at their victims
  • Taraxippi, ghosts that frightened horses
  • Telekhines, skilled metal-workers with the heads of dogs and flippers of seals in place of hands
  • Unicorn, a beautiful horse-like creature with a magical horn on its forehead
  • Wood Nymphs, beautiful minor goddess women who lived in the forest.


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