List of Opposite Words to Spark Ideas

Enjoy our latest list of opposite words to help trigger ideas and spark creative thought.  Sometimes all it takes is a simple word to trigger a host of connections stored away inside your head. Anyone can be creative and anyone can come up with the next BIG IDEA. Pick a word from the list of opposite words below and start thinking how you can shape or mould your problem to fit. Start building a solid creativity foundation...see things differently....the IDEAS will come. Try something completely different,  sometimes when you move in the opposite direction the ideas will come.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

- Albert Einstein

List of Opposite Words.....

Absent/ Present

Accept/ Decline

Admit/ Deny


Ancient/ Modern

Answer/ Question

Any/ None

Apart/ Together

Appear/ Disappear

Arrive/ Depart

Artificial/ Natural

Ascend/ Descend

Awake/ Asleep

Back/ Front

Backward/ Forward

Behind/ Ahead

Before/ After

Begin/ End

Bent/ Straight

Best/ Worst

Big/ Small

Bitter/ Sweet

Black/ White

Blunt/ Sharp

Bottom/ Top

Bound/ Unbound

Boy/ Girl

Brave/ Cowardly

Bright/ Dull

Brighten/ Fade

Build/ Destroy

Calm/ Windy

Cheap/ Expensive

Clean/ Dirty

Clear/ Cloudy


Cold/ Hot

Combine/ Separate

Compulsory/ Voluntary

Conceal/ Reveal

Contract/ Expand

Crazy/ Sane

Curly/ Straight

Day/ Night

Dead/ Alive

Decrease/ Increase

Deep/ Shallow

Dim/ Bright

Diseased/ Healthy

Dumb/ Smart

Dusk/ Dawn

Early/ Late

East/ West

Easy/ Difficult

Enter/ Exit

Every/ None

Everything/ Nothing

Export/ Import

Exterior/ Interior

Fact/ Fiction

Famous/ Unknown

Far/ Near

Fast/ Slow

Float/ Sink

Fold/ Unfold

Frequent/ Seldom

Fresh/ Stale

Full/ Empty

Get/ Give

Good/ Bad

Grow/ Shrink

Guest/ Host

Hairy/ Bald

Happy/ Sad

Hard/ Easy

Heavy/ Light

Here/ There

His/ Hers

Hope/ Despair

Horizontal/ Vertical

Night/ Day

Fat/ Thin

High/ Low

In/ Out

Inside/ Outside

Interesting/ Dull

Internal/ External

Join/ Separate

Junior/ Senior

Kids/ Adults

Lend/ Take

Length/ Width

Lengthen/ Shorten

Less/ More

Level/ Uneven

Light/ Dark

Limited/ Boundless

Long/ Short

Lost/ Found

Loud/ Soft

Male/ Female

Man/ Woman

Many/ Few

Maximum/ Minimum

Men/ Women

Neat/ Messy

Never/ Always

Night-time/ Daytime

Noisy/ Quite

Odd/ Even

Old/ New

On/ Off

Open/ Close

Ornate/ Simple

Outer/ Inner

Over/ Under

Part/ Whole

Past/ Present

Perfect/ Flawed

Permanent/ Temporary

Plural/ Singular

Pre/ Post

Prince/ Princess

Pure/ Impure

Push/ Pull

Quite/ Noisy

Regular/ Irregular

Remember/ Forget

Rich/ Poor

Right/ Left

Right/ Wrong


Rise/ Fall

Run/ Walk

Safe/ Dangerous

Save/ Spend

Scatter/ Collect

Second-hand/ New

Silly/ Serious

Single/ Married

Sit/ Stand

Smooth/ Rough

Start/ Stop

Soft/ Hard

Straight/ Wavy

Strong/ Weak

Sunny/ Cloudy

Sweet/ Savoury

Sweet/ Sour

Tall/ Short

Tame/ Wild

Theirs/ Yours

Thick/ Thin

Tight/ Loose

True/ False

Under/ Over

Up/ Down

Upstairs/ Downstairs

Useless/ Useful

Vacant/ Occupied

Visible/ Invinsible

Warm/ Cool

Water/ Ice

Wet/ Dry

Wide/ Narrow

Wonder/ Know

Yes/ No

Young/ Old

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"A drop of ink may make a million think." -Lord Byron

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