List of Flower Names For Creativity

This list of flower names can inspire a new range of products. A particular flower can inspire a product design, if you take the time to look more closely at its make-up. Look at the colours, look at the petal shape and size, smell the fragrant aroma's. When you need an extra boost of creativity and feel slumped simply browse through the list of flower names and bunch together some beautiful flowers. Add some sparkle to your workplace and allow the flowers to perform the magic and inspire you.

List of flower names for creativity.

"If you came to my flower parlor today, I’d offer you a shot of big ideas and fresh perspectives.  Followed by a drink that makes more light bulbs turn on with sips of laser focus." - See more at:

List of Flower Names

  • african corn lily, ixia
  • african lily, agapanthus
  • alpine thistle, eryngium
  • amaryllis, hippeastrum
  • amazon lily, eucharis
  • arum, zantedeschia
  • baby’s breath, gypsophila
  • balloon flower, platycodon
  • barberton daisy, gerbera
  • bee balm, monarda
  • bell flower, campanula
  • bells of Ireland, moluccella
  • bergamot, monarda
  • bird of paradise, strelizia
  • bloom, chrysanthemum
  • blue throatwort, trachelium
  • bottlebrush, banksia
  • brodiaea, triteleia (syn)
  • broom, genista
  • buttercup, rununculis
  • calla lily, zantedeschia
  • camellias, camellia
  • canterbury bells, campanula
  • carnation, dianthus
  • cherry blossom, sakura
  • china aster, callistephus
  • chincerinchee, ornithogalum
  • chinese bellflower, platycodon
  • christmas rose, hellebore
  • chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum
  • clover, clover
  • cockscomb, celosia
  • columbine, aquilegia
  • coneflower, Echinacea
  • cornflower, centaurea
  • corsage orchid, cattleya
  • cosmos, cosmea (syn)
  • crocus, crocus
  • cuban lily, scilla
  • daffodil, narcissus
  • daisy, bellis perennis
  • dill, anethum
  • drumstick, craspedia
  • eustoma, lisianthus (syn)
  • evening primrose, oenothera
  • false goat’s beard, false spirea
  • feverfew, tanacetum parthenium
  • flame lily, gloriosa
  • flame tip, leucadendron
  • flamingo flower, anthurium
  • florist’s nighmare, ornithogalum
  • floss flower, ageratum
  • flowering cherry, prunus
  • flowering onion, allium
  • forget-me-not, myositis
  • foxglove, digitalis
  • foxtail lily, eremurus
  • freesia, freesia
  • gay feather, liatris
  • gentian, gentian
  • gerbera daisies, gerbera
  • gillyflower, matthiola
  • ginger, alpinia
  • globe amarath, gomphrena
  • globe artichoke, cynara
  • globe flower, trollies
  • globe thistle, echinops
  • glory lily, gloriosa
  • golden rod, solidago
  • golden shower orchid, oncidium
  • goosefoot, chenpodium
  • grape hyacinth, muscari
  • guelder rose, viburnum opulus
  • guernsey lily, nerine
  • heather, Erica
  • hyacinth, hyacinthus
  • jersey lily, alstroemeria

  • kangaroo paw, anigozanthos
  • kansas feather, liatris
  • lady’s mantle, alchemilla
  • lady’s slipper orchid, paphiopedilum
  • larkspur, delphinium consolida
  • lavender, lavandula
  • lilac, syringe
  • lily, lilium
  • lily of the valley, convallaria
  • lisianthus, eustoma
  • lobster claw, heliconia
  • loose strife, lysimachia
  • love lies bleeding, amaranthus
  • love-in-a-mist, nigella
  • lupin, lupines
  • marguerite, chrysanthemum frutescens
  • marigold, calendula
  • masterwort, astrantia
  • michaelmas daisy, aster
  • mimosa, acacia
  • monkshood, aconitum
  • montbretia, crocosmia
  • moth orchid, phalenopsis
  • mum, chrysanthemum
  • obedient plant, physostegia
  • ox-eye daisy, leucanthemum vulgare
  • painter’s palette, anthurium
  • peony, paeonia
  • peruvian lily, alstroemeria
  • pincushion protea, leucospermum
  • plumed thistle, cirsium
  • prairie gentian, lisianthus
  • prince of Wales feather, amaranthus
  • queen Anne’s lace, ammi
  • queen Fabiola lily, triteleia
  • red-hot poker, kniphofia
  • rose, rosa
  • rosemary, rosemary
  • safari sunset, leucadendron
  • safflower, carthamus
  • scabious, scabiosa
  • scarlet plume, euphorbia fulgens
  • scorpion orchid, aranthera
  • sea holly, eryngium
  • sea lavender, limonium
  • september flower, aster
  • singapore orchid, dendrobium
  • slipper orchid, paphiopedilum
  • snake head, chelone
  • snapdragon, antirrhinum
  • sneezeweed, helenium
  • snow berry, symphoricarpos
  • snow on the mountain, eurphorbia marginata
  • speedwell, veronica
  • spider orchid, arachnis
  • spray carnation, dianthus
  • spurge, euphorbia
  • st john’s wort, hypericum
  • star of bethlehem, ornithogalum
  • statice, limonium
  • stock, matthiola
  • stonecrop, sedum
  • sugarbush, protea
  • sunflower, helianthus
  • sweet pea, lathyrus
  • sweet sultan, centaurea
  • sweet William, dianthus barbatus
  • sword lily, gladiolus
  • tansy, tanacetum
  • tazetta, narcissus
  • thistle, eryngium
  • thyme, thyme
  • tjenkenrientjee, ornithogalum
  • transvaal daisy, gerbera
  • tuberose, polianthes tuberosa
  • tulip, tulipa
  • turban buttercup, ranunculus
  • turtle head, chelone
  • ulster mary, alstroemeria
  • violets, viola
  • water lily, Nymphaea Odorata
  • waxflower, chamaelaucium
  • windflower, anemone
  • wormwood, artemesia
  • yarrow, achillea
  • zinnia, zinnia

Use the list of flower names effectively and watch beautiful ideas grow.

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