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Innovative Visuals

List of innovative visuals to stimulate interesting new associations.

Continue reading "Innovative Visuals"

Random Word Stimulation

Use this random word stimulation to build interesting new relationships and connections.

Continue reading "Random Word Stimulation"

Random Stimulation

Find random stimulation in one of our suggested places to look. Find the connections, associations and links to the problem at at.

Continue reading "Random Stimulation"

Brainstorming Games

More brainstorming games and techniques to spark original new ideas.

Continue reading "Brainstorming Games"

Brainstorming Games

Brainstorming games are an effective way of discovering new ideas. Try this SCRAPING questions techniques to discover new ideas.

Continue reading "Brainstorming Games"

Effective Brainstorming Techniques

Try these effective brainstorming techniques to help generate new ideas.

Continue reading "Effective Brainstorming Techniques"

Creative Thinking Exercises

8 Creative thinking exercises to help develop your mind muscle.

Continue reading "Creative Thinking Exercises"

Creativity Affirmations

100 Creativity affirmations to cultivate and reinforce the belief that you are a creative person.

Continue reading "Creativity Affirmations"

Brainstorming Tips

Short brainstorming tips and ideas to maximise your next problem solving session.

Continue reading "Brainstorming Tips "

Hows that for creativity

Hows that for creativity? 3 Great examples of innovative thinking.

Continue reading "Hows that for creativity"

Creative Thinking Puzzle

Formulating the right question is the most important part in finding solutions as this creative thinking puzzle shows.

Continue reading "Creative Thinking Puzzle"

Unleashing Your Creativity

Sustained innovation is a measure of business success. Unleashing your creativity then is not a luxury we add on to our practices every now and then it must form part of the core business process.

Continue reading "Unleashing Your Creativity"

Engineering Creativity

If foundations are the secret to success as we claim, how do we build them in a virtual world of innovative thinking? The Building Blocks for Engineering Creativity.

Continue reading "Engineering Creativity"

Creativity Coach

If you want to accelerate success, get a creativity coach.

Continue reading "Creativity Coach"

Ideas Like Shoes

Ideas Like Shoes is Debra Langley's first book in it she shares how by implementing a few basic tools you too can become more creative.

Continue reading "Ideas Like Shoes "

"A drop of ink may make a million think." -Lord Byron

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