How to Spark Your Creativity

Connecting With People

If you need ideas on how to spark your creativity, look no further. People trigger new ideas and spark creative thinking. Browse through our suggested list below to help you make new connections. You might also enjoy our list of things to read and things to write about which will also give you more ideas on how to spark your creativity.

Different Ways to Connect With New People.

How to Spark Your Creativity Through Connections

1.       Join a fiction book club.

2.       Join a non-fiction book club.

3.       Start a fiction book club.

4.       Start a non-fiction book club.

5.       Start an executive reading program.

6.       Join an executive reading program.

7.       Start a children’s book club.

8.       Start a mother and daughter reading club.

9.       Start a father and son book club.

10.   Take an art class.

11.   Take a drawing class.

12.   Take a flower decorating class.

13.   Take a pottery class.

14.   Take a mosaic class.

15.   Take a photography course.

16.   Sign up for a computer course.

17.   Take a yoga class.

18.   Join a photographic club.

19.   Join a Toastmasters club.

20.   Start a Toastmasters club.

21.   Visit an old-age home.

22.   Read to the elderly.

23.   Sign up for a walk-for-life club.

24.   Join a hiking club.

25.   Take a meditation class.

26.   Sign-up for an Ikebana class.

27.   Join an aerobics class.

28.   Join a boot camp class.

29.   Join a boxing club.

30.   Join a martial arts club.

31.   Join the gym.

32.   Take a kick boxing class.

33.   Join a ballet class.

34.   Learn how to dance.

35.   Join a writer’s club.

36.   Take a writing course.

37.   Ask an expert.

38.   Attend your school reunion.

39.   Start a Facebook Friends lunch.

40.   Join a tour group.

41.   Start a movie club.

42.   Start a history club.

43.   Start a cultural group.

44.   Join a band.

45.   Join the choir.

46.   Join the orchestra.

47.   Learn to play the piano.

48.   Take a scrapbooking class.

49.   Join a poetry appreciation group.

50.   Start a poetry appreciation group.

51.   Interview someone.

52.   Join a home group.

53.   Join a bible study group.

54.   Start a bible study group.

55.   Sign-up for a cookery class.

56.   Enter Master Chef.

57.   Speak to children.

58.   Read to children.

59.   Become a cub master.

60.   Become a scout master.

61.   Become a Girl Guide leader.

62.   Renew old connections.

63.   Renew old friendships.

64.   Join an antique appreciation club.

65.   Start an antique appreciation club.

66.   Speak to your grandparents.

67.   Join a mastermind group.

68.   Start a mastermind group.

69.   Join a scrabble club.

70.   Learn to play Bridge.

71.   Start a board games club.

72.   Join

73.   Join

74.   Switch homes for the holidays.

75.   Join a coffee club.

76.   Start a coffee club.

77.   Join a wine club.

78.   Start a wine club.

79.   Sign-up for a natural health seminar.

80.   Join the vegan society.

81.   Find a vegetarian support group.

82.   Take an organic vegetable gardening class.

83.   Help your child with homework.

84.   Start a comic club.

85.   Join a comic club.

86.   Start a comedy club.

87.   Join a comedy club.

88.   Join a hockey club.

89.   Join a cricket club.

90.   Join a soccer club.

91.   Join a swimming club.

92.   Join a netball club.

93.   Join a waterpolo club.

94.   Start an environmental support group.

95.   Join a mountaineering club.

96.   Join a polo club.

97.   Join a horseriding club.

98.   Join a running club.

99.   Join a biking club.

100.            Join a rugby club.

101.            Join a cycling club.

102.            Join the school PA

103.            Join a fundraising cause.

104.            Start a fundraising cause.

105.            Volunteer at your local shelter.

106.            Volunteer at your local hospital.

107.            Learn Kung-fu

108.            Sign-up for a French class.

109.            Sign-up for a Spanish class.

110.            Sign-up for an English class.

111.            Sign-up for an Italian class.

112.            Sign-up for a Russian class.

113.            Sign-up for a Mandarin class.

114.            Join a sports club.

115.            Join an aircraft club.

116.            Take a scuba diving class.

117.            Go back to university.

118.            Take a new class.

119.            Visit someone in hospital.

120.            Take your dog to dog-school.

121.            Join the local Automobile Association.

122.            Join the collector’s car club.

123.            Join the weekly prayer meeting.

124.            Start a weekly prayer meeting.

125.            Host a themed party.

126.            Take an acting class.

127.            Sign-up for a graphic design class.

128.            Take a Photoshop course.

129.            Have a travelling dinner.

130.            Attend a conference.

131.            Take a seminar.

132.            Join a fishing club.

133.            Learn how to fly-fish.

134.            Start a secret society.

135.            Join a secret society.

136.            Join a Lego club.

137.            Become a game ranger.

138.            Take a road trip with someone.

139.            Make Sunday lunch for the family.

140.            Introduce yourself to someone you have never met.

141.            Join a professional organisation.

142.            Interview a family member.

143.            Interview a friend.

144.            Find a mentor.

145.            Go back to school.

146.            Interview the leaders in your field.

147.            Interview your clients.

148.            Ask your suppliers.

149.            Join a baking class.

150.            Speak to people in the elevator.

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