How to Spark Your Creativity

Start learning how to spark your creativity by browsing through the list of suggested things to read and do and below. There are simple creativity tools that if mastered will spark your creative thinking skills. Anyone can be creative and anyone can come up with the next BIG IDEA. Start building a solid creativity foundation...the IDEAS will come.

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking” -Albert Einstein

Things to READ and DO

o   Read a good novel

o   Read some non-fiction

o   Children’s fiction

o   Read every night before you go to sleep

o   Children’s non-fiction

o   Dictionaries

o   Thesaurus

o   Read a comic book collection

o   Read everyday

o   Readers Digest

o   Magazines

o   Trade Journals

o   Websites

o   Shakespeare

o   Bible

o   Every book you own

o   Autobiographies

o   Encyclopaedias

o   Newspaper

o   Travel Guides

o   Food labels

o   Shop Signs

o   Poetry

o   Read some Tape Aids for the Blind

o   Buy a kindle or e-book reader

o   Read to the elderly

o   Read to the sick

o   Something Spiritual

o   Visit the library

o   Join a book club

o   Start a book club

o   Join an Executive Reading Program

o   Start an Executive Reading Program

o   Make a reading list

o   Join

o   Swap reading lists with friends

o   Host a book exchange party

o   Keep a reading journal

o   Learn to speed read

o   Read to your children

o   Read on the beach

o   Listen to audiobooks

o   Sign-up to

o   Reread all the books you should’ve read in school

o   Start a book collection

o   Pick a new genre

o   Read some Dr Seuss

o   Pay it forward

o   List your all-time favourite books

o   Plays

o   Cookbooks

o   Subscribe to Academic Journals

o   Read aloud

o   Read book reviews

o   Read some Pulitzer prize winners

o   Crack the classifieds

o   Browse through the titles

o   Visit a book exchange store

o   Visit a bookstore

o   Visit a 2nd hand bookshop

o   Buy bargain books at garage sales

o   Browse through the books at school fetes

o   Teach someone how to read

o   Get creative with old books

o   Give a book as a gift

o   Re-read an old classic

o   Take notes

o   Keep a book with you at all times

o   Write a book

o   Quotations

o   Climb into bed with a book

o   Snuggle up in front of the fire with a book

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How to read effectively

Colourful ways to spark your creativity

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"A drop of ink may make a million think." -Lord Byron

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