How to Increase Creativity

Sometimes we need some practical hints and tips to show us how to increase creativity. Creativity is not a skill that is genetically implanted at birth. Creativity lies within each and every one of us.

We need to practice some basic tried and tested recipes to help us develop our thinking skills. Within each and every one of us lies the potential to think up the next life changing idea. All it takes is a spark.

Start providing your mind with the right fuel. Start introducing new creativity habits on a daily basis. Keep your eyes and ears open and learn how to see the creativity sparks in everything you do.

Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching because whatever you see can inspire you. - Grace Coddington

How to Increase Creativity

  1. Read more.
  2. Write more.
  3. Connect with People.
  4. Look More closely.
  5. Relax more often.
  6. Socialise more.
  7. Get some exercise.
  8. Eat more healthy food.
  9. Chunk it down into smaller parts.
  10. Reflect on what has already happened.
  11. Associate different things.
  12. Question everything.
  13. Take your eye off the ball for awhile.
  14. Drink more water. 
  15. Network with different people.
  16. Limit your social networking.
  17. Plan your creativity program.
  18. Set new goals.
  19. Review your daily affirmations.
  20. Make a vision board and review it every day.
  21. Focus your attention.
  22. Take action right now.
  23. Be daring and different.
  24. Travel to exotic places.
  25. Collect things.
  26. Observe everything with your eyes wide open.
  27. Experiment more.
  28. Refine your senses.
  29. Have an open mind and see possibility where none yet exists.
  30. Find solitude and quiet time every day.
  31. Breathe more deeply.
  32. Balance your brain
  33. Play and rekindle your childhood spirit.
  34. Clarify your core values
  35. Draw something.
  36. Brainstorm.
  37. Decide what you want.
  38. Believe anything is possible.
  39. Learn something new.
  40. Measure everything and track your progress.
  41. Make something new.
  42. Take a course.
  43. Eavesdrop.
  44. Dream more often.
  45. Daydream for a few minutes each day.
  46. Google anything.
  47. Develop whole-brain thinking.
  48. Keep an idea journal.
  49. Listen to the sounds around you.
  50. Interview someone.
  51. Think back to earlier days.
  52. Grow something exciting.
  53. Change your habits.
  54. Buy something new.
  55. Change it.
  56. Get more organised.
  57. Surround yourself with daily inspiration.
  58. Use something different.
  59. Try something different.
  60. Visit a new destination.
  61. Increase your numbers.
  62. Change your diet.

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"A drop of ink may make a million think." -Lord Byron

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