The Executive Reading Program

Develop your innovative thinking skills through our interactive executive reading program. Choose the right package to meet your personal needs and corporate budget.

"Reading, like no other single activity, levels the playing field of life, so to speak. It's the great equalizer. Reading transforms us from who we are right who we can become in the future. And when we're transformed even slightly, we're richer than we were the day before." - Burke Hedges

Think-SPEAK brings the books to you… a selection of some of the finest must read creative thinking, motivational, business and self-help titles to help you find good ideas.

Option 1: The Connect and Read Package

Slot in to a monthly breakfast club and share good books, good reads and meet interesting people all at the same time. Group sizes are limited. Find good ideas in the pages, in the small talk, at the venues and in the interesting connections you will make. Meetings are held once a month.

Contact for more information.

Option 2: Show Us how

Book Debra Langley to come in and set-up your in-house executive library, fully stocked with a list of must read books. Employees will be trained on how to facilitate and manage the program in-house.

Contact for more information.

Option 3: The Reading Keynote

Reading is an essential tool when it comes to finding good ideas. Introduce your employees to the benefits and importance of reading through an informative and entertaining keynote speech. Learn how to encourage reading in the work place, learn to read more effectively and find out what you should be doing after you have finished the book.

Contact for more information.

Option 4: The Full House

We launch the program with a short introductory talk on the benefits of reading and how to read effectively.

Delegates are then introduced to the list of must read books and make their monthly selection.

The next meeting is started with a 5 to 7 minute motivational introduction inspired by material from one of the books, followed by a feedback session.

Delegates highlight important points from their books and recommend other books worth noting.

This is followed by a brief group collaboration session….. Where ideas obtained from some of the titles are discussed:

Can they be implemented and included into existing corporate strategy?

  • Can they help solve existing issues?
  • Do they inspire totally new ideas and concepts?
  • Can they bring out positive personal growth?

Executives will be updated on new releases each month.

At the end of the program executives will have completed a think-SPEAK creativity workbook to be kept and used as a future resource tool.

“Reading outside your area of expertise, or outside your comfort zone can stimulate your thinking.” – Mark Sanborn

The think-SPEAK reading program is designed to:

  • ignite a passion for reading
  • make you think
  • encourage you to speak up and share new ideas
  • be innovative
  • make you realise that anyone can be creative
  • stretch you
  • uplift you
  • make you think about yourself and help transform you into the person that you are meant to be
  • help you find good ideas

Who is this program aimed at?

Anyone can have great ideas! Give all your employees the chance by creating the right platform. The purpose of this program is to provide employees with a specially selected reading list, teach them how to read more effectively, encourage them to read more and help them to build a connected pattern of seemingly unrelated ideas. The stronger the creativity foundation, the more ideas flow.

Customise Your Own Package

  • Try the full executive reading program.
  • Have Debra select and recommend titles for your existing library.
  • Coach an employee on how to run the program in-house.
  • Book a keynote presentation to help promote the benefits of reading.
  • Ask Debra to recommend carefully selected corporate and employee gift books.
  • Need articles for your in-house magazine?

Find out More.

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Recommended list of must read books.

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"A drop of ink may make a million think." -Lord Byron

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