How to Encourage Reading At Work

Use our suggested tips and techniques to encourage reading at work. "Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers."-Harry S. Truman. Leaders and those aspiring to lead others must be drawn into the magical world of books and find themselves immersed in the pages, soaking up the words of wisdom and advice. Books are a continuous source of inspiration, available to many, but accessed only by the aspiring few. If you are growing and developing leaders, make sure that reading is a priority high up on your daily to do list.

"Leaders must immerse themselves in books and become entwined in the  words to be able to UNKNOT the complex problems and challenges they face everyday."- Debra L Langley

Executive Reading Program

Encourage Reading At Work

  1. Talk about some of the great books you have read on a daily basis.
  2. Highlight snippets of wisdom from the books you have read.
  3. Add quotes and anecdotes from the books you read to add punch and interest to speeches and meetings.
  4. Share the books you've read by passing them on to someone else you feel may benefit.
  5. Keep a list of titles you have read in and post updates on your Facebook page.
  6. Give books as corporate and employee gifts, brand them with stickers and logos if you wish.
  7. Start a corporate library.
  8. Start an executive reading program and create a platform to connect and talk about good books.
  9. Offer a monetary incentive....a few extra dollars in the pocket might just encourage someone to wipe the dust off the cover and peek inside a book.
  10. Ask employees to include some quotes and anecdotes from a given book in their next presentation.
  11. Prepare a personal development program, highlight key personnel to present the modules and give them the right books to use as source material.
  12. Give book vouchers as target incentives.
  13. Place books in key areas to draw interest and attention and spark discussion points.
  14. Stick up a few posters and reminders about the benefits of reading in key areas.
  15. Always carry a book.
  16. Be seen reading…..not at work of course.
  17. Host a book exchange party as your next team building event.

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"A drop of ink may make a million think." -Lord Byron

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