Creative Writing Prompt Ideas

Try one of the suggested creative writing prompt ideas below to help stimulate your thinking skills. Most of the greatest innovative thinkers, men like Leonardo Da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin, kept journals. Write in your journal every day, collect thoughts and ideas and write them down. Refer back to your writings time and again to find inspiration. The ideas will come.

More than 100 creative writing prompt ideas to stimulate your thinking.

Creative Writing Prompt Ideas to Stimulate Thinking

o   Ask what-if?

o   Challenges to conquer

o   Collect quotations

o   Compare things

o   Compile a field of interest list

o   Complete a crossword

o   Daily journalling

o   Define the problem correctly

o   Design sleeve art

o   Design something

o   Do big and little

o   Do some brain writing

o   Do some brainstorming

o   Do some question storming

o   Doodle

o   Draft a list of best’s

o   Draw something

o   Draw up a list of worsts

o   Favourite movies

o   Find the connections

o   Free associate

o   Give feedback

o   Interview someone

o   Keep a baby first journal

o   Keep a belief journal

o   Keep a birding journal

o   Keep a colour journal

o   Keep a combo journal

o   Keep a doodle journal

o   Keep a dream journal

o   Keep a family history journal

o   Keep a fitness journal

o   Keep a free-writing journal

o   Keep a garden journal

o   Keep a general interest journal

o   Keep a goal setting journal

o   Keep a gratitude journal

o   Keep a happy journal

o   Keep a letter journal

o   Keep a list journal

o   Keep a memoir journal

o   Keep a metaphor journal

o   Keep a pattern journal

o   Keep a poetry journal

o   Keep a prayer journal

o   Keep a pregnancy journal

o   Keep a quote journal

o   Keep a reading journal

o   Keep a research journal

o   Keep a shape journal

o   Keep a sketchbook journal

o   Keep a song writing journal

o   Keep a sound journal

o   Keep a story journal

o   Keep a travel diary

o   Keep an experience journal

o   Keep an idea journal

o   Keep an inspiration journal

o   Keep an ongoing topics list

o   Lessons learned

o   List things to make

o   List Your hates

o   List your loves

o   Make a bucket list

o   Make a frustration list

o   Make a greeting card

o   Make a list

o   Make a list of clubs to join

o   Make a list of people to meet

o   Make a list of people who inspire you

o   Make a list of places to visit

o   Make a list of things to buy

o   Make a list of things to collect

o   Make a mind-map

o   Make an inspiration list

o   Make your own graphic organiser

o   Mix things up

o   Other people’s stories

o   Personal reflection

o   Places to see

o   Play 50 questions

o   Practice free writing

o   Questions to answer

o   Recipes to try

o   Record interesting stories

o   Record things people say

o   Record your values” I believe…”

o   See it from the other person’s point of view

o   Send a postcard

o   Solve a Sudoku puzzle

o   Things I’ve learnt from books

o   Things that remind you of

o   Things to learn

o   Things to look for

o   Use a graphic organiser

o   Use metaphors

o   Use post-it notes

o   Use typography designs

o   Use Venn diagrams

o   Write a poem

o   Write a postcard

o   Write a story

o   Write something

o   Write song lyrics

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More creative writing prompt ideas.

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"A drop of ink may make a million think." -Lord Byron

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