Creative Ways to Workout

Try one of the suggested creative ways to workout below. Ideas often hit when you least expect it. Take some time off, relax, get some exercise and do something totally different. Sometimes all it takes to spark a great idea is an elevated heart rate and some extra blood pumping through your head.

100 Creative Ways to Get Some Exercise.

100 Creative Ways to Workout

  1. Go for a walk.
  2. Go for a run.
  3. Join an aerobics class.
  4. Learn yoga.
  5. Take a pilates class.
  6. Kick a ball.
  7. Play some soccer.
  8. Go for a swim.
  9. Dig around in the garden.
  10. Play some tennis.
  11. Challenge a friend to a game of squash.
  12. Go hiking.
  13. Climb a mountain.
  14. Play some rugby.
  15. Climb the stairs.
  16. Jump rope.
  17. Do some jumping jacks.
  18. Ride your bike.
  19. Lift weights.
  20. Go to the gym.
  21. Do push-ups.
  22. Try some squats.
  23. Do sit-ups.
  24. Try Tai Chi
  25. Join a dance class.
  26. Stretch.
  27. Ride a stationary bike.
  28. Go rowing.
  29. Take a karate class.
  30. Go horse-riding.
  31. Play some golf.
  32. Go ice-skating.
  33. Go sailing.
  34. Do some snow skiing.
  35. Play some hockey.
  36. Go canoeing.
  37. Go kayaking.
  38. Go rafting.
  39. Go rowing.
  40. Play some underwater hockey.
  41. Try some high diving.
  42. Do some cross country running.
  43. Run a marathon.
  44. Play some table tennis.
  45. Go windsurfing.
  46. Learn how to kite surf.
  47. Try surfing.
  48. Play some volleyball.
  49. Play beach volleyball.
  50. Play some water polo.
  51. Shoot some hoops.
  52. Join a basketball team.
  53. Play baseball.
  54. Play softball.
  55. Play some action cricket.
  56. Play some action netball.
  57. Learn to skateboard.
  58. Try some snowboarding.
  59. Try some sandboarding.
  60. Learn to skim board.
  61. Catch some waves.
  62. Do some bodysurfing.
  63. Learn to wakeboard.
  64. Go rock climbing.
  65. Try some canyoneering.
  66. Learn to climb a rope.
  67. Go mountain biking.
  68. Learn how to wrestle.
  69. Do some fencing.
  70. Play some paintball.
  71. Go tenpin bowling.
  72. Enter a dance competition.
  73. Play some beach soccer.
  74. Play touch rugby.
  75. Jump on a trampoline.
  76. Play some ice hockey.
  77. Take a boot camp class.
  78. Enter a triathlon.
  79. Swim the Midmar mile.
  80. Complete your first marathon.
  81. Play some roller hockey.
  82. Do some roller-skating.
  83. Try roller-blading.
  84. Play catches.
  85. Do some backpacking.
  86. Play wallball.
  87. Play some racquetball.
  88. Buy a Waboba ball.
  89. Throw a javelin.
  90. Learn to pole vault.
  91. Chop some wood.
  92. Go sky-diving.
  93. Have a three-legged race.
  94. Have a tug-of-war.
  95. Do some arm wrestling.
  96. Split wood.
  97. Learn to figure skate.
  98. Practice belly dancing.
  99. Learn how to do ballroom dancing.
  100. Join a cross fit program.

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