More Brainstorming Games

Try some of these effective brainstorming games to spark original ideas, develop new thinking patterns and form interesting new connections.

Brainstorming Games

The Idea Box

Dr Fritz. Zwicky’s morphological box, inspired Michael Michalko’s model of the idea box. This method enables different characteristics to be recombined in interesting new ways.


  1. Write down the problem or challenge that needs solving.
  2. Specify all the challenge parameters.
  3. Write down new potential list variations for each parameter.
  4. Create interesting new combinations.

Take a look at this example:

Random Stimuli

In our fast paced professional lives we need to generate new ideas on a consistent basis, to use totally random objects to spark these ideas would usually be considered a waste of valuable time. Ideas are sparked by the formation and connection of new patterns in your mind. We can create new patterns and new thought processes by forcefully creating relationships between random objects. This process appears childlike but is a lot more difficult to put into practice than it seems. The more you practice the more original new ideas come to the surface as you start to see the connections and associations between totally different things. The mind cannot focus on two unrelated items at the same time without forming some kind of a connection between them.


  1. Clearly state the challenge at hand.
  2. Pick a random word.
  3. Think of as many things as possible associated with the random word choice. List its characteristics, components, its uses, what we can do with it, where it is used and anything else that can be associated with it.
  4. Force connections between the random word itself, its associations and characteristics, and the challenge you have written down.
  5. List and record all your ideas as they surface.

Browse through the collection of random lists under the idea sparks tab at the top of the page and select a random word to get started or click on one of the links below. The more unrelated and dissimilar to the problem at hand the better.

Survival Gear

At the fairground

Beach Terms

Body Art

Body Parts

Building Materials

Cooking tools

Art Words

Things to collect

Road Trip

Space Terms

Chemistry Equipment


Household Appliances

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"A drop of ink may make a million think." -Lord Byron

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